Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I use your project to connect an IPod or other mp3 player ?
  2. Are there alternatives ?
  3. What if my Renault was built before 2000 ?
  4. Can I show song title (ID3 tag) on the dashboard or head-unit display ?
  5. Compatibility list

Can I use your project to connect an IPod or other mp3 player ?

If your Renault (or Logan) was built after year 2000, the short answer is... no :-(

With the information available on these pages, someone could probably build one, but it would be roughly as expensive as the ones commercially available. (see below)

For connection of an analog source such as an IPod to your head unit, 3 distinct functions are needed :
  1. Hardware interface for level adaptation of control wiresC
  2. Software emulator to fake a CD Changer
  3. Analog to Digital conversion of input sound
The current status is :
So unfortunately, unless your mp3 player has a digital (SPDIF) output, we can't show you an out-of-the-box solution yet.

Are there alternatives ?

The best-known alternative is a commercial product made by a company called, specialized in adaptors between miscellaneous sound devices and factory-fitted head-units. Several people have used their products successfully.
Dension also advertises a similar solution called Ice-Link Plus.
Someone also pointed out that a this site advertises an adapter for Tuner List & Update List. No idea if ir is a reseller of one of the above or another alternative...

What if my Renault was built before 2000 ?

Well, in that case, the head unit most probably has an analog connection to the CD player, so the Analog to Digital problem disappears. Note that we don't know for sure if the protocol has changed between those models and digital ones... If you try that, please tell us how it goes.

Can I show song title (ID3 tag) on the dashboard or head-unit display ?

Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, no. The protocol between the head unit and the CD Changer shows no indication of text information being transferred to the head unit. Even people who bought original mp3 CD Changers by VDO-Dayton such as the CHM604MP3 can't see song titles on the display...

Compatibility list

Apart from the Analog/Digital distinction, although there is a great chance that most Renault head units share a common protocol with the CD changer, we know of some differences between Tuner List and Update List models. These can probably be overcome but some help will be needed.
Here is the list of known models and compatibility :

Model Type CDC type Car model (i.e.) Compatible
DC451 Radiosat 4000 NONE (before 2000) NO
DC461 Radiosat 60x0 Analog (before 2000) NO
DC229 Tuner List Digital 2005 Logan ?
DC239 ? Digital ?
DC258 ? Digital ?
DC259 Tuner List Digital ?
DC269 ? Digital ?
DC277 Tuner List Digital 2003 Megane ?
DC278 Tuner List Digital 2003 Clio ?
DC279 ? Digital ?
RCW100 ? Digital ?
RDW101 ? Digital ?
RDW121 ? Digital ?
RDW131 Tuner List Digital 2005 Scenic YES
RDW240 Update List Digital 2005 Megane Partially