PIC-based emulator


Beta release. Track number is still blank.

What Is Needed ?

  1. The free PIC programmer WINPIC.
  2. The latest release of the PIC emulator (tlpicemu) from the SourceForge download page.
  3. (if you want to help develop this project, the MPLAB-IDE and the CC5X compiler)
  4. A hardware board such as the following one :
PIC-based hardware

How to proceed ?

  1. Position the jumpers on the 1-2 position, connect the parallel port to the PC, start Winpic, load the emulation software and program the chip.
  2. Remove the jumpers or position them on the 2-3 position and connect the emulator to the Head Unit.


This version is developed and maintained by Ale (you can find him by nickname on mp3car.com forums).