TLCDCEmu Java - How-To

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  1. What Is Needed ?
  2. How to install ?
  3. How to run ?
  4. How to stop ?
  5. How to customize ?
  6. Problems ?

What Is Needed ?

How to install ?

Suggested install is as follows :
  1. Install the JRE.
  2. Unzip the TLCDCEmu binary release where you like.
  3. If you're under Windows™, copy the .dll files from the lib directory to a directory in the PATH. For example, under Windows™, you should copy them to the bin dir of your JRE (it should be C:\Program Files\Java\JRE<version>\bin) or in C:\Windows\System32. If you're using another OS, do the same with the corresponding rxtxSerial library.
  4. Finally, check the serial port settings in (text file).

How to run ?

  1. Connect all your wires and power your hardware adapter.
  2. Start your PC.
  3. Start TLCDCEmu.bat. It should initialize and show a few things on the console. If you have activated the GUIPlugin, a window should open like on the screenshot page.
  4. Turn your head unit on.
  5. You should now be able to switch the source of your head unit to the "CD Changer" position (display shows TR1 CD1). The SPDIF is now activated and you should hear the sound coming out of the car speakers.
  6. According to the plugins you have activated, different behaviours may be enabled. See the plugins page for more information.

How to stop ?

To exit cleanly, type q + return in the console window. The GUI should be seen as a plugin for HLCDCEmu, and that's why it is not recommended to close the application from this plugin.
Of course, any dirty exit (closing the console, CTRL-C, pulling the plug) will work too...
If you exit while your head unit is still turned on and on CD Changer position, it should display LINK ERR after a few seconds...

How to customize ?

In the file, you can change a few things :

Problems ?

For now, please use this thread on mp3car to discuss your experience with the emulator.

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